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We are a group of dog lovers committed to providing our forever dogs a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Happy, Healthy Dogs Group

About Me

My name is Lynn Stacy-Smith and I am the author of the book, Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog’s Forever Owner as well as the blog with the same name. Dogs have been an integral part of my life since I was 5 years old and I first realized the joy of having a Labrador Retriever as my best friend during a major transition in my young life. 

I founded Love, Laugh, Woof  and now the Happy, Healthy Dog group as part of my mission to help dog owners create a happy, healthy lifestyle for their dogs and to share with my fellow humans what it takes to be a forever owner to these beautiful animals with whom we develop a lifelong bond.

I share my life with my husband, three awesome kids, my beloved Labradors Jackson and Tinkerbell, and our rescued cat Nala. Before Jackson and Tinkerbell there were Maggie, Dutch, Babe, Beau, Jake, Cinder and Snoop, all of whom have passed onto the Rainbow Bridge but you can read about in my book, Love, Laugh, Woof: A Guide to Being Your Dog’s Forever Owner. Every one of my dogs has had a profound impact on my life and taught me so many things about caring for dogs that I am now blessed to pass onto you.

Why You Should Join Me

I am on a mission to help all dog owners create a happy, healthy, lifestyle for their forever dogs. Someone once told me, "You love your dogs, you love other people's dogs, and you love dogs who are nobodies dogs." As a result, I want every dog to enjoy an excellent quality of life and be safe and secure with their owners who are equally happy and satisfied with the life they share with their dog. 

A Big Thanks

Every time someone follows my blog, reads my book, or joins my group, I feel so honored. I am grateful every single day of my life that I serve other dog owners in this way. Thank you so much for joining me in this mission, and I hope that you will learn new information on providing a happy, healthy life for your dogs and meet new friends and fellow dog lovers through the social aspect of this group. 

How do you know about dogs?

I combine over four decades of life with dogs as my closest companions, extensive research into ways of improving my dogs' health and the qualities of their lives, and my professional experience as a corporate trainer, mentor and content writer to teach and educate fellow dog owners to help them provide a happy, healthy life for their own dogs. 

What can I expect from this membership?

Each month there will be a new course introduced that can be taken as a self guided workshop when you have time to focus and learn. Topics will include: Creating a Happy, Healthy Life for Your Dog, Dog Safety and Emergency Prepping, The Compassionate Pet Owner, Senior Dog Considerations, Creating a Dog Care Binder as well as other courses still in development. For new dog owners there will be courses on Planning for a New Dog, Surviving Puppyhood, and Dog Care Basics. 

Members will also enjoy exclusive content on additional topics as well as interviews with other dog professionals who will share tips and information from their areas of expertise. You can also participate in  weekly call available only to group members in which you can ask questions about the course of the month or simply speak to fellow members. 

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